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About us

Napa Costruzioni designs and manufactures residential, turistic, commercial and industrial buildings. The society is directed by the founder Pasquale Napolitano and by his son Mario, two business men that always work with enthusiasm, passion and curiosity, spinning the big business is necessary to achieve any goals.


Pasquale Napolitano


Since 1998 professionality and quality. All this experience in costructions and
real estates allowed Pasquale Napolitano manager and founder of Napa Costruzioni srl to trainall the employees. Technicians, skilled workers and patners collaborate with Napa Costruzioni only after an accurate selection and training.

Mario Napolitano


All what concerns the business is aimed by achieving high quality standards of the finished product, by total security in its realization.

Napa Costruzioni has been certificated: ISO 9001:2008 system of quality management OHSAS 18001 for health and safety.